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Women’s football…bigger than ever before?

      Women’s football is currently getting more attention than ever before. The FIFA World Cup in France is being shown on mainstream tv, BBC1, it’s being reported in major newspapers and David Beckham is attending England matches with his daughter! On average, across all matches played so far, almost 20,000 fans have attended …

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The trophy

The FIFA Women’s World Cup visits the Royal Pavilion!

    The England women’s football team are hoping to get a step closer to holding the World Cup trophy tonight, in the Quarter Final match against Norway. We had a sneak preview of the trophy itself when it visited the Royal Pavilion, Brighton earlier this year, on a whistlestop tour of the competing countries. …

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Happy Birthday Ebenezer!

Today’s amusing Google Doodle (16th August 2018) commemorates Ebenezer Cobb Morley’s 187th birthday. Featuring images reminiscent of the sportsmanship and footballing prowess depicted by Harry Enfield & Chums – the Arsenal team of 1933 against the Liverpool team of 1991, the latter ‘playing for the first time in black and white!’ – the ‘doodle’ perfectly illustrates Ebenezer’s contribution to the …

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